Learn : The Basic Parts Of a Computer

A  Computer is an electronic machine that receiving information. the information gives to the computer is called data.
It has the ability to store, retrieve and process data.

A computer can be used for browsing the internet, playing games, and creating documents, also It is very useful nowadays because it saves your time and energy.

Here are the basic parts of a Computer and their function:

1. Monitor
2. Keyboard
3. Mouse
4. Computer System Unit
5. Speakers
6. Printer

Let’s find out how it works:


1. Monitor
– A monitor is a device that displays or shows information by pictures or videos for the computer.
– It looks like a television.
– It is used either LCD or RCT format.

2. Keyboard
– The keyboard is used to entering a data into the system of a computer. allows you to enter letters, numbers, and symbols.
– Keyboard looks like a typewriter-style device.

Basic knowledge in Keyboard
Key/Symbol Names
Num Lk – Num Lock Key (Switch ON/OFF to use the numbers)
~ – Tilde
` – Acute, Back quote, grave, grave accent, left quote, open quote, or a push
ESC – Escape

3. Mouse
– A small device in Computer, Also known as pointing device used to move a cursor around the screen helps you to point an object to drag/move, and click on them
– Computer Mouse is invented by Douglas Engelbart of Stanford Research in 1963 and pioneered by Xerox in 1970’s.

Types of Computer Mouse

Track Ball Mouse










4. Computer System Unit
– Also called as a computer case, computer chassis or computer tower and other calls it CPU (Central Processing Unit)  the brains of Computer.
– This is the enclosure for all the other main interior components of a computer such as hard drive, motherboard, fan and etc..

5. Speakers
– Output device that produced different types of sounds in the Computer
– You can use also headset to not disturbing others.

6. Printer
– This is the output device of a computer
– Prints the result of your work from the computer such as documents, pictures and etc..

On the Next Post, we will discuss the inside of the computer.