MLBB: Latest Hero and Skins Update

Mobile Legend: Bang Bang Designers release a statement and updates about the AFK Behaviour in Ranked Game:

We realize that when you meet AFK teammates, it makes for a bad experience in the game. Therefore in the current version when AFK behaviors are discovered, in the case where the ranked match results in a loss, for players who complete the match normally, and are not in a pre-arranged teams with the AFK player, we will be giving extra protection points by a multiplier.

They added:

Note: If any of your pre-team friends go AFK in the game, you will not be able to enjoy this extra protection points benefit.

The nice thing in this version, designer allows users to share their fantastic battle experience with other users freely. Also, they optimized the targeting mechanism in battles.

Hero and Skin Releases:

New Hero – The Moon Elf King: Estes

New Skin – Estes: Bishop of Holy Light


Read the information here:

New Skin For Rafaela: Flower Fairy

Skin cost : 899 Diamonds.

Upcoming Heroes Skin:

Alpha – Fierce Dragon

Franco New Skin


According to Designers, they have reworked our old hero franco and the new hero Franco has a way cooler demonstration display. Also, they added battleground voice and dying voice for Alpha, Yi Sun-Shin, Moskov, Johnson and Cyclops.

Bug Repair 
1. Repaired the bug that displayed medal and medal points were not correspondent with the actual.
2. Repaired the bug that if some heroes were in the Starlight Member free rotation and in the common free hero rotation at the same time, they couldn’t be used in the Ranked Game.
3. Fixed the problem of the black screen when sharing the game result.
4. Fixed the problem that in a rare condition, some players may be kicked out of the game back to the homepage and couldn’t continue the game.

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