Mobile Legend New Hero Moon Elf King – Estes and Latest Updates

NEW HERO : Moon Elf King – Estes

The humane but rigorous king of Moon Elves has revived from dead sleep. With the code on his hand, he guides the power of sacred moonlight to protect his own people and support his allies.

No matter it’s his instant or his continuous healing ability, Estes can protect his party members almost perfectly and guarantees the possibilities for allied heroes to deal damage consistently and to be alive in the battlefield to take down enemies.

Let’s see how it looks like:

Estes Skin:

Hero Estes can protect his teammates to battle that helps them to create a damage to the enemy. He can slow down the enemies to support his teammate at the crucial time. Maybe it’s time to say Goodbye to Rafaela, what do you think?

How About The Prices?

Discounted Price : 349 Diamonds
Original Price : 499 Diamonds
24000 Battle Points

Latest Updates

Yi Sun-shin【Major General】

Prices: 269 Diamonds; 30% off when buying the hero and the skin together during the first week.

Bug Fixes
1. Android 7.x system’s crashing issue now has been fixed.
2. The lagging issue happening when players return to the game homepage has been optimized.
3. The lagging of skin presenting demonstration has been optimized.
4. The bug that obtained medal did not match with the battle score has been fixed.
5. Matching mechanism of the Ranked Game now has been optimized: When high-division players and lower-division players team up together to queue, ELO of the team will be calculated more based on the higher-division players.
6. The bug has been fixed that the medal would disappear when player goes back to the game homepage after a match.

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